Our services include architectural, civil and structural designs. Our team of Civil & Structural construction.

  • Earth filling
  • Foundation, Pedestals / Pipeline & Piping Sleepers, Construction of Culverts
  • Piling Foundation
  • All type of Building Construction
  • Compound Wall
  • Road & Bridge Works
  • Gunneting etc..


Our civil and structural services includes the followings

  • Excavation & earth filling
  • Foundation/pedestals/ piping sleeper/culvert/
  • Pilling and pile capping
  • All types of building construction
  • Compound wall
  • Roads and bridges
  • Fabrication of structural (Heavy & light)
  • Erection of structural


  • Our mechanical construction service includes the followings
  • Fabrication of all types of pipes (CS, SS, AS, DSS, NACE & Cladded) and its pipe support
  • Fabrication of underground service piping
  • Fabrication and erection of storage tank
  • Erection of piping
  • Erection of alignment of static equipment (Column, vessel & Heat exchanger)
  • Erection and alignments of rotary equipment (Pumps & Compressor)
  • Blasting and painting (auto blasting & manual)
  • Hydro testing of piping & equipment


Our pipeline construction service includes the followings

  • Land survey
  • Excavation of trenches
  • Bending/Fabrication/welding
  • Laying of pipeline
  • Field joint coating (3LPE) including blasting
  • Hydro testing / swabbing / card board blasting
  • All types of Pigging Chemical cleaning, passivation and preservation
  • OFC cable laying and termination
  • Cathodic protection
  • HDD